Tattoo Removal

Today, tattoos are considered as a fashion statement; people get themselves inked with random creations they love at the moment.

But at a certain point of time, they get into tattoo regret phase. Earlier it was really difficult and painful to get rid of tattoos, but now the success of getting it painlessly removed with laser tattoo removal treatment has increased ensuring satisfactory results.

At Neo Skin Aesthetics, we use Nd: YAG laser for tattoo removal. It emits intense beam of light and breaks the ink particles of tattoo into tiny fragments. These tiny fragments are then washed out from the body by natural cleansing mechanism. In the process the tattoo starts to fade out and removes completely. The process generally takes few weeks.

If you’re ready to learn more about the treatment of Tattoo removal, see how Dr Narmada and the friendly team at Neo Skin Aesthetics Centre, Mumbai can help transform you, contact us, or call 99209 73724 and book your treatment today.